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Fujifilm X-E2(S) Impressions

I mentioned a few days ago that I had decided to pull the trigger on a bargain-priced Fujifilm X-E2 body, and apply the version 4.0 firmware to get pretty close to a cheap X-E2s.  I received the camera a day after ordering from Adorama, and immediately loaded the firmware.

To say that there’s a big difference between the new camera and my X-E1 is an understatement! There are literally dozens of changes, and it’s taken me a fair amount of time to set things up the way I think I want them. I’m still not sure I’ve put everything where I think it should be, but I was able to get down to Chincateague today and make some images. The experience was mostly quite enjoyable. 

I did still have a few frustrations, but they really have little to do with the body. The XC 50-230mm lens is still slow to focus some times (the XF 18-55mm becomes almost turbo-charged, however), and as good as the manual focus assist aides are, it’s still sometimes difficult to achieve sharp manual focus when zoomed to 230mm. Otherwise, the camera is as much of a joy to use as the X-E1, but there’s just more to play with.

I made a few good photographs, many of which are ones that I’m repeatedly told the Fuji cameras aren’t good at, and I’ve added a gallery of them below. All are post-processed on my iPad, using some combination of Photos, Lucid, Snapseed, and Ansel (for black and white conversion). I also had a play with a new app I found called Mextures on one or two of the images.

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