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LIVESTREAM: Tempted by the Synth of Another

Monday, June 24 @ 8:00 pm 9:30 pm

There was a sale. It was tempting. But, why?

United Audio put their Opal Morphing Wavetable Synth on sale. Aside from granular synthesis, morphing is one of the other things that really graps my attention. The ability to smoothly transition back and forth between sounds or elements of sounds is always something that attracts me. I’m not just talking about crossfading, but actually manipulating many parameters at once while moving from one patch to another can create some of the most interesting effects that are incredibly effective in moving through ambient and electronic musical pieces. So naturally, I was curious, especially at 25% of the regular price.

NOTE: There is very little playing of music in this episode.


00:00 Start transmission
02:58 Welcome and show intro
05:15 G.A.S.
05:45 The latest shiny object: UAD opal morphing synthesizer
07:15 What’s a “morphing synthesizer”
10:00 Opal tour and comparison to Vital
17:15 When do we need to buy something new? and what about stuff you haven’t used?
19:30 Maybe I’ll play more …
19:45 Nevermind … how do you combat the gear lust?
20:50 The new rule at The Disaster Room
24:30 Hints of things upcoming and things I’m actually looking for that will bring something different to the table
28:00 Loving that the KeyLab is working correctly followed by some noodling
29:00 Something that morphs: Arturia Augmented-series and a little tour of Augmented Strings
37:15 How close I was to sending the KeyLab mkII back and how it ended up staying in the studio
40:45 I talk about lights on the KeyLab that you can’t see because I have the wrong camera up.
45:45 Controls JUMP! (turns out I probably had something improperly selected or there was some interaction with DAW mode and Analog Lab mode).
49:00 or so … starting to think about maybe playing some music … fixing all the stuff I didn’t set up correctly when I prepped for the stream … adding a plucky patch to arpeggiate on the PolyBrute
56:20 Thiry seconds of noodling
56:50 How I could do a dual monitor setup
58:30 Some talk about the PTZ camera and other parts of the stream production setup in the studio
1:01:45 I got plenty of toyz and some upcoming rearranging
1:03:35 The story of the background light and some more chatter about lighting … and welcome to Brad looking in from Iceland
1:09:00 -ish. Some chat about plants in the studio and moving on the some more chit-chat
1:17:00 A quick fool around with Behringer Vintage VST
1:20:00 A discussion of gear lust and UAD Opal with ‪@synthseeker‬
1:30:00 ish, Luke has downloaded the Opal trial onto his Mac and I send the patch to the Discord for him to test …
1:37:10 Luke reports 16% CPU usage on his M1 Macbook Pro using the same patch.
1:42:00 ish Is there an alternative? Do I even need an alternative?
1:44:50 Pulling wavetables and sounds for use in other instruments
1:47:45 Too much stuff in so many hobbies
1:49:00 Reiterating the new rule at the Disaster Room Studio
1:49:50 Gravitating towards working more and more in the box
1:51:00 The ONE I’d keep, gear creep, and the PolyBrute 12 (could it be my master controller?)
1:54:30 What would I do in a cubicle? Push 3 and Ableton and other stuff, MIDI mapping is a thing
1:59:55 A few moments about the Iridium and other things in Luke’s studio … Maybe Luke could do an Iridium tour? Doable!
2:01:45 The wind down and goodnights.
2:03:39 Goodnight!
2:04:28 Goodnight for real this time (LOL)
2:05:16 End transmission


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