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LIVESTREAM: Colors of Sound — Ambient Adventures with Pigments Presets (and more)

Monday, July 1 @ 8:00 pm 9:30 pm

Using only presets for Pigments and other Arturia plug-ins, I’ll embark on an ambient adventure and get started on a complete ambient track. Join in for the fun!

For best results, listen to this one in headphones!

Time codes:
00:00 Begin transmission
01:00 Show intro, studio updates, tonight’s setup
10:55 The ducker makes a liar out of me
16:15 Choosing the primary pad in Pigments
18:00 Binaural presets in Pigments
25:00 ish. We talk a bit about MIDI sync and the Take 5
28:48 The binaural effect is huge on the patch here.
32:20 ish. A bit of a detour to try to get a Take 5 internal sequence to start every time I hit play in Ableton Live
40:45 Back to Pigments/Analog Lab, choosing the base pad, and laying down the basic MIDI
48:00 Ambient music doesn’t always have to be pretty. Dissonance is interesting.
48:55 Possible stream glitchies?
50:45 Adding a plucky thing and tweaking the drums
1:05:10 Adding a high pad, this time from Minibrute V.
1:06:00 Why I have so many sends
1:11:35 Chillin’ out with the start of a new track, fooling with some mixing. Where it’s going next…
1:12:35 A look with SPAN
1:16:30 Some commentary on DAW controls on the KeyLab mkII vs the Kontrol S, and brief chatter about DAW controllers.
1:25:00 Space planning and keeping things simple.
1:30:00 Winding down the show. A few comments about my processes for different kinds of music.
1:32:30 Good night
1:32:45 Music outro
1:37:00 Endo of transmission

Tom Wolfe Binaural Presets:… Variety of Sound Plugins:

You can view here, or on YouTube to join the chat live! 

Visit me on YouTube:
My music is available at:
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