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Korg Kronos Manuals

Some folks are also having problems finding the manuals for the Kronos on the Korg website. Korg has been reworking large sections of their website, and some things have broken. So, here are the English versions for download. Document Name Download File File Size Kronos Quick Start Guide KRONOS_Quick_Start_E9.pdf 752KB Kronos Operations Guide KRONOS_Op_Guide_E10.pdf 5.9MB…

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Kronos Accessory DVD-ROM Images and Kronos OS Updates

There seem to be a lot of people who have difficulties downloading the ISO files used for reimaging a Korg Kronos from the official Korg support web site — Korg’s site is very slow to load and a bit cranky when it comes to downloads. A lot of times it just plain fails. Since I have a complete set of DVDs from my Kronos 2, I thought I’d make some ISOs and upload them to my Google Drive for folks who can’t make the Korg site work.

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Kronos’ Public Debut

This past Saturday, I played my first live gig of 2021 (the last time 7Souls played was back in November!), and my first live gig with the Kronos, at an outdoor show at Perry’s Restaurant in Odenton, MD. Playing the Kronos live was, generally speaking, a joy. That’s not to say that it was perfect.…

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Takeaways From #jamuary2023

For those who didn’t notice, I embarked upon a challenge in January to produce a music jam each day. In other words, 31 pieces of new music in 31 days. They didn’t have to be long. They didn’t have to be complete. They didn’t even have to be good. That wasn’t the point. The point was to make time every day to make music.

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