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Korg Kronos Manuals

This is post 10 of 15 in the series “Korgs I've Owned” On numerous occasions, I’ve alluded to having a love/hate relationship with Korg keyboards. With the exception of a…

By GerenM December 27, 2021 0

Kronos Accessory DVD-ROM Images and Kronos OS Updates

There seem to be a lot of people who have difficulties downloading the ISO files used for reimaging a Korg Kronos from the official Korg support web site — Korg’s site is very slow to load and a bit cranky when it comes to downloads. A lot of times it just plain fails. Since I have a complete set of DVDs from my Kronos 2, I thought I’d make some ISOs and upload them to my Google Drive for folks who can’t make the Korg site work.

By GerenM November 12, 2021 Off

Watchin’ Your [op]six…

Hot on the heels of the Wavestate mkII, SE, and SE Platinum, Korg have just announced the opsix SE and SE Platinum. Like the Wavestate models, they’ve basically repackaged the guts from the standard model in a new case and substituted the excellent 61-key keybed alleged to be from the Kronos. And also, like the Wavestate counterparts, the opsix SE models ship with a custom hard case, making them gig-ready.

By GerenM June 28, 2023 0

The State of Wave[state]

Back in 2020 or thereabouts (thenabouts?), Korg reinvented the Wavestation, and called it the wavestate. With four complete wave sequencing synth engines and the ability to mix and morph between them, the wavestate packed a lot of punch in its 37-key body, and pushed the Raspberry Pi Compute Module beyond what most mortals thought possible.

By GerenM June 21, 2023 0